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Projects that are undertaken by SOFTEB can be classified into two main categories:

Public Sector Projects:

Ministry of Environment and Urbanization (MoEU), General Directorate of Environment Management, TR Exhaust Gas Emission Measurement Monitoring System (EGZOZ)

The main objective of EGZOZ Project is to develop a software system for the acquisition of exhaust gas emission measurements held by authorized Exhaust Gas Measurement Stations. The measurement results are stored on a central database, so it is possible to monitor the pollution sourced from traffic regionally and to meet the requirements of United Nations CLRTAP directive. The system provides statistics and necessary information to take measurement against traffic based air pollution by following the exhaust gas measurement periods of the vehicles. If the vehicles fails to pass the measurement, it will be forbidden to enter into traffic.
Programming Languages and Technologies Deployed
C#, Oracle 11g, HTML5, Bootstrup, Fast Report, jason, xml, angular js, TFS, Visio

Ministry of Interior, “National Coordination & Joint Risk Analysis Center (NACORAC) and Integrated Border Management Integrated Database” Consulting Project

Technical Assistance for Preparation of Tender Documents of the Supply Tender for the Project of “Establishment of a National Coordinator and Joint Risk Analysis Center and an Integrated Border Management Integrated Database”, with identification number DOGER/BMID/TR2013/0740.10-1/FWC028/BIS

Ministry of Interior , Turkish National Police Personnel Information System

The project is reanalysing, redesign and reimplementation of Personnel Management System (PBS). Project was developed on WUGEP platform and as database Oracle is used. PBS IT personnel is trained for the platform and workshops were realized with example applications.
Programming Languages and Technologies Deployed
WUGEP Platform, Asp.NET, OpenAuth, HTML5, Bootstrap and Websocket, Jason, xml, C#, Oracle.

Turkish General Directorate of Land Registry & Cadaste Information System (TAKBIS III)

SOFTEB is the subcontractor of TURKSAT AS. The contract signed with TURKSAT includes:

  • development and maintenance of Land Registry Applications
  • development of Cadastre Application
  • development of new ERP modules and maintenance of existing ERP system
  • development of all web based modules using .Net technology
  • monitoring of database servers, application and deployment servers
  • development of GIS based Investment Monitoring System for cadastre tenders

  • In order to accomplish project scope, a project team consisting of 30 members are carrying out project tasks such as customer needs analysis, system design, software analysis and design, POC tasks, software development, testing, installation and training for end-users.

    26000 operations per day by 7000 users
    Operating System
    Windows 2008 Server
    MS SQL Server 2008, PostGre SQL
    Programming Languages and Technologies Deployed
    Delphi 6, GML, PostGre Sql, ISO19000, C#.Net, Vb.Net, COM+, Geoserver

    Turkish Ministry of Interior, General Directorate of Security – Crime Analysis System (CAS)

    Project work involves development of an information management system to be deployed at 1600 Police Centers to collect and report crime data and to analyse crime data (trends) centrally with a secure architectured, GIS based framework interoperable with the other GDS applications and related e-government projects.
    5000 operations per day by 14000 users
    Operating System
    Windows 2008 Server
    MS SQL Server 2008
    Programming Languages and Technologies Deployed
    .Net, MUGEP Framework, PostGreSQL, GeoServer, MapInfo GIS, C#.Net, Vb.Net.

    General Directorate of Security, PolNet Mobile Project

    Electrical Power Resources Survey and Development Administration, Energy Efficiency Portal Development Project

    State Planning Organization, Portal Development Project

    Iller Bank, Provision of technical consultancy services

    Turkish Administration of SME, Provision of consultancy services

    General Directorate of Security, Provision of consultancy services for 1774 numbered legislation

    Iller Bank, Adaptation of Software Applications for New Turkish Lira

    General Directorate of Security, Traffic Information System Project

    Turkish General Directorate of Land Registry & Cadaste Information System (TAKBIS I)

    Iller Bank, Accounting System Project

    Türkish Statistical Institute, Agricultural Statistics Project

    Undersecretariat for Customs, SOFIX Customs Automation National Adaptation Project

    Supreme Electoral Council of Turkey, Central Elections Registry System (SEÇSİS)

    General Directorate of Security, Police Stations Information Systems (KARBIS)

    Bilkent University Personnel Payroll and Accounting Information System

    Defence Sector Projects